You Are Not Rubbish

Too often we writers—sensitive souls as many of us are—over-value critical comments and critical people. Only their words count because, after all, we know all too well, we ARE worthless bits of rubbish.

I’m here to say: YOU ARE NOT RUBBISH, no matter what your father, or your mother, or your third grade teacher, or your sister, or your best friend, or your spouse said one time back in 2001, or many times over many years.

So—accepting now, as you do, my dictate from on high, and knowing without a doubt now that you are a treasure rather than trash—this means you should value only those comments on your work, and those commenters, who actually help you.   You are Harry Potter now: Nasty or harsh comments that set you back a mile are to be banished with your magical wand of self-respect. And critical people are to be recognized rather than honored. “Aha!” you think to yourself, clear as day, “That is not God. That is Valdemort in disguise.   He does not have my best interest at heart. I think I will just close my ears and walk confidently away.”

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