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If a story is in you it has got to come out

-William Faulkner

Looking for editing, literary coaching, or a writer’s workshop? I am a seasoned writer, and long-time writing instructor, editor, and writing coach ready to provide you with support for your writing. I offer mentoring to writers at all stages of the writing process and in various ways—through classes, the editing of manuscripts, and/or via individual coaching. I am here to encourage you as you bring your writing forth, to guide you as you endeavor to hone your writing so as to fulfill its promise, and to advise you as it makes its way into the wide world.

As a dedicated writer of creative nonfiction, I spend a part of each week on my own literary endeavors. The other portion, I dedicate to work with others creating personal essays, memoirs, literary journalism, family stories, travel pieces, blogs, and opinion. (I work with scholars and fiction writers, sometimes, as well.) I love helping people to bring forth their stories and perspectives; to deepen, enrich, and sharpen their writing; and to fashion lives that honor their creative inclinations. I believe writers’ growth is best fostered in an atmosphere of compassion, support, and inquiry—paired with close attention to literary craft. Encouragement is my watchword. Year after year, I have been thrilled and privileged to accompany people as they become better writers and create work of which they can feel deeply proud.

I know well how challenging the writer’s task is and how difficult it is to sustain the creative life in the midst of life’s ceaseless demands. I’d love to pass on to you what I’ve learned.

If you would like help to write the best piece you can write, are curious about the services I offer, or would like some tips on the creative nonfiction writer’s craft, I invite you to explore the other pages of my website. Also, please feel free to contact me:

Sara Mansfield Taber M.S.W., LICSW, Ed.D.

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