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“Forbidden Fruit Metrocard,” painting by Maud Taber-Thomas


A Note to my Students: Dare to Write the Un-Seemly and the Not-to-be-Seen

(Written to the members of The Memoir Club, 2016)

Dear Friends,

I am struck by something in all of your work. It is when you dare to describe the very hardest thing that the writing seems to expand, to grow into something larger than it was, and to become, in fact, beautiful. It is through and as against the darkness that the capaciousness of the writer’s love, and the contrasting happiness shines. By taking literary care, by devoting oneself to writing richly and honestly about racism, sexual violence, abandonment, struggle, disappointment—summoning the courage to write the “unseemly” and not-to-be-seen—that your writing becomes compassionate and true, like a gift. 

Please find time for your wonderful, nourishing work.

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